Monday, January 26, 2009

Red Mites

Actually I don't want to put anything disgusting in here, but those kind of unpleasant things are my job fields.
I just wanted to share what I had several weeks ago.
Some farmers may not notice this parasite infestation on their birds, but this creatures does makes anemic, may result on poor weight gain and even lower egg production. There are some antiparasitic to eliminate these small little things. But the application has always been the main problem.
If you want to see if your chicken has been infected by Red Mites, open the wing or just around the cloacal area, you could see them there pretty easy ( Not so easy though, maybe some help of magnifier) and red mite is a nocturnal parasite.

Here is an example of heavy infestation of red mites.
Warning : This may look unpleasant

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mission Nearly Impossible-2

Should I say, Mission Impossible now?

The mortality of the birds is reaching 8000 now.
Eventhough it is decreasing by today, but still it is a record number for an outbreak.
Almost 25% from the population.
I still have another choice to do, well, it succeded to stop the mortality couple times in my experience. But gotta set the right timing, if not, it'll kill the entire population :(

I think it was just a matter of luck, and this time, it is not my luck.
I should've been here earlier.
Why can't we be present in many places at the same time?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mission Nearly Impossible


I had a case, it is started with Gumboro actually, but now since the gumboro is immunosupression disease, no wonder NewCastle is showing some clinical signs as well. It makes this even more difficult to manage. I will see how it developing within three days. There are not much I can do :( Makes me sad

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Driving in Rainy Jakarta with Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Cloudy Cloudy Jakarta

It has been raining soo heavy for the past two days in Jakarta. Rain means more water in the road, more traffic jam, more stress. Well, It is dark outside just perfect to represent my mood right now :(

I will have to travel again. I miss those chickens. I have a case calling me from East Java, actually the same case happen again. The last time, I finally did manage it back to normal, but somehow it happen again, the same disease, the same pattern. I'm feeling dumb and stupid right now, not only in proffesional life, but in all aspect of life

Sometimes, i just want to be a chicken. Just to sit in a cage, eat, and lay an egg. What a life

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poor Chicks

I assumed these chicks were misvaccinated on Day Old, because no such clinical sign of any disease on day old chicks. Epidemic tremor of Avian Encephalomyelitis ? Naaaah, I don't think so.

And This? This poor chick had a defect on the beak, not sure whether this is congenital, but could propably an accidentally hurt at the de-beaking process ( They should be more careful at doing that). I tried to manually feed this chick for 2 days, but she couldn't make it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Native Chicken AI Vaccination

Indonesia has decided not to vaccinate all native chicken with Avian influenza vaccine.

For the reason there is not enough antibody titer established after AI vaccination. I wonder, what kind of test did they get the titration? how many weeks after vaccination? what was the application? Confusing :( so many other business interfere in this decision.

How about DUCKS? (the natural reservoir of bird flu?) have you ever think about it?

Bird Flu party in Indonesia to be continued.................

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year !!!

I am glad it is new year. So Happy New Year :)

Cannot put anything technical right now, as I am sooo nervous about big event that I need to face in the next two days. So little time so much to do :( Cross hand hoping I would be able to make it.