Saturday, April 17, 2010

Missing you (Thomas) by Sungha Jung

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Poultry Times 29 Jan 2010

JAKARTA, Indonesia

Indonesia has reported 15 more avian influenza fatalities in 2009, taking the human death toll in the country worst hit by the illness to 134.Officials recorded 20 cases of the illness last year, 19 of them fatal, the Health Ministry said in a statement issued Jan 6.

The figures are the first to be released by Indonesia since March, when four deaths were announced. They show that while avian influenza is still active, the number of cases is on the decline. Last year saw the lowest number of human fatalities since 2005, when 13 were reported.The ministry said that the most recent death was on Sept 23, but gave no details about who had died or where.Bird flu has killed 282 people worldwide since it began ravaging poultry stocks in 2003, the World Health Organization said on its website.

Indonesia is the worst affected country, with 161 infections since 2005, 134 of the fatal.Indonesia came under strong criticism last year when it stopped announcing individual cases of the disease and ceased sharing virus samples with international health experts working on a vaccine. Indonesia's former health minister had argued that the global system for a vaccine was unfair because her country's bird flu specimens could be used for a cure that would ultimately be too expensive for most Indonesians.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Post from BKK

This blog is more like a travel update now.
I'm currently in Bangkok, the city of transgender :) (no offense)
I really don't find it interesting on the visit this time, I don't know why.
This city brings sooo many memories, most of them are bad memories :D
But okay, since I am here for the sake of chickens as well, so I gotta feel happy about it.

so see ya

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures Yaaay

Blood sampling through heart puncture (sorry chicken momma)

Fun class

I found Eimeria acervulina!!!!

Hah! Im back

OK. been so busy lately.
Since I got back from The Netherlands, my life is became more and more hectic dealing with chickens. It seems like chickens in Indonesia is getting more and more sick, and I'm becoming more and more have no clue about what's happening.
I was in China last month, had meeting in a very nice island called Hainan. A little hideaways for a while. But then after returning back, constant travel within the country starts to hits my health..
I will be travelling again to Bangkok by the end of this month.

Oh well, I should start to write something that is really technical in here instead putting my travel schedule!! Like if there is anybody cares. Haha. Any suggestion what to discuss about chickens??

By the way all, Happy Valentines day...May Your day be fulfilled with CHICKINS!!!!