Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures Yaaay

Blood sampling through heart puncture (sorry chicken momma)

Fun class

I found Eimeria acervulina!!!!

Hah! Im back

OK. been so busy lately.
Since I got back from The Netherlands, my life is became more and more hectic dealing with chickens. It seems like chickens in Indonesia is getting more and more sick, and I'm becoming more and more have no clue about what's happening.
I was in China last month, had meeting in a very nice island called Hainan. A little hideaways for a while. But then after returning back, constant travel within the country starts to hits my health..
I will be travelling again to Bangkok by the end of this month.

Oh well, I should start to write something that is really technical in here instead putting my travel schedule!! Like if there is anybody cares. Haha. Any suggestion what to discuss about chickens??

By the way all, Happy Valentines day...May Your day be fulfilled with CHICKINS!!!!