Thursday, December 11, 2008

Note of a traveller-3

(Solo, hotel room again and again with sore legs and wrecked body)
-I did finish this post but suddenly it disappeared, my bad connection did it all...aaaaaargh!!!!)

I am not complaining, but travelling is tiring. I wish I could say 'I love my job' like a friend once told me about his job. Well, I do love my job, but with remarks :p

And those remarks are :
- If not travelling so much (Travelling is okay la, but not for work)
- If I could make the way people think like I do
- If people not underestimate me (for I am so young to talk about so many things)

As I said previously, I wish...
This is nearly impossible (not in this century ) :P

xoxo-the chickn doctor

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