Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Sunday-Red mites part 2

Sorry for haven't updating anything since I have been sick for a week. Not really a serious illness though, but really annoying, seriously.

I had to admit that I already late for my Influenza vaccination booster. Late around umm..3 months..Hehe. I will never forget those chickens vaccination schedule but I forgot my own vaccination (not a good example) :p

I want to share how to look up for RED MITES today. Red Mites are a nocturnal parasites, they active, suck blood and eat skin epithelial at night, but not impossible for you to see these things at day light. The easiest place to find it, is in the cloacal region (umm, chickin butt :) or other area with no feathers like under the wings. See it very closely, because they are transparent when they are not full of blood (or nearly pink). The more easier you see them there, the more heavier the infestation get.

OK, have a good luck with your chickins. Hm..I think I should put how to eliminate these bugs in the next post? Gotta go travelling again

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