Saturday, May 02, 2009

still swine flu

I really wanna write about this, because it takes so much concern..of me especially.

I learned that I already predicted that the pork meat price will go down after the huge media blow ups for the swine flu (or should be called by Mexican flu by now?).

My heart goes with the swine farmer who suffer of all this. Why can't people just take this like we handle Avian Flu in human? With no intention of no respect for all who died (may they rest in peace) and all the family, but please don't take this too much, like this world going to end anyway. HIV AIDS takes more life each second compare to this swine flu. Yes swine flu gotta be eradicated, but this just not how it should be.

Pay more attention how is the impact of the meat industry. Now people are affraid of eating chicken, and today, plus pork. What if the FMD (Food and Mouth Disease) become pandemic as well? we'll stop eating beef? then people would almost have no source of animal protein anymore !!!! what about the farmers?

I'll keep eating pork, anyway, it still taste good :p
What about you guys ?



Griffox said...

People can be so ignorant. It's already been explained that the swine flu is not transmitted through eating pork. What part of that do they not understand? Influenza kills more people each day than the swine flu has, so I agree that it's being blown way out of proportion.

Credo said...

I couldn't agree more on the eating pork thing :D It's still in my daily diet, haha..

Owh, on the good side, if the price is cheaper, it's a treat for us the consumer. But yea, as you stated, poor farmers.

Haha, halo Meh.. Aku baru tau blogmu yg ini :D